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Iron Lung is a short dread-driven submarine horror game from the developer of DUSK, The Moon Sliver, and Squirrel Stapler.


  • Experimental minimalist gameplay, where your senses are limited and anything could be lurking around you
  • Glimpse your surroundings through the lens of a grainy still camera and navigate using an incomplete satellite map and proximity sensors
  • Horror based around building dread and paranoia
  • Original soundtrack inspired by the work of Aubrey Hodges (Doom 64)
  • A short experience intended to be finished in under an hour


Set entirely within a claustrophobic one-man submarine nicknamed the "Iron Lung," you must blindly navigate an ocean of blood to take photographs of key locations, and hope whatever lives below doesn't find you.
There is only a single porthole on the sub, and it needs to be closed due to depth pressure, so you have to navigate purely via an incomplete map, proximity sensors, sound, and a primitive external camera which can be used to take the pictures you need to complete your mission, or to get a grainy low resolution visual of what's happening outside.

Success will require resourcefulness and patience.


Decades ago, every known star and habitable planet mysteriously vanished, along with whatever and whoever happened to be on them, leaving behind an empty universe of asteroids and lifeless moons where the only remnants of humanity are those who were on space stations or starships at the time. With supplies gradually dwindling and infrastructure falling into disrepair, the survivors have spent the subsequent years frantically searching for any trace of remaining natural resources. Up until now they have been unsuccessful...
Then, a mysterious anomaly known as a Blood Ocean (which is exactly what it sounds like) was discovered on an otherwise barren moon. It's not the first Blood Ocean found since the vanishing, but initial scans show a collection of potentially useful anomalous locations in a deep undersea (underblood?) trench that require further investigation.

And you're the unlucky sap who gets to investigate, in an aging submarine cobbled together from rusty space station parts.

Find your way to the marked locations, photograph whatever you find there, and try to finish before the sub collapses around you... or you're discovered by whatever lurks in the blood...

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
AuthorDavid Szymanski
TagsAtmospheric, Experimental, Horror, Minimalist, submarine, underwater


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this game is so damn cool I love it so much

Очень хороша

Good fun! Loved actually piloting the ship myself.

I HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THIS GAME!!! The sounds were very unnerving which made me freak out many times!!! This was honestly one of the most unique games I have played!!! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

A wonderful example of a slow slow sloooooow burn horror, the suspense just continued to pile up through the whole thing.

You did a great job👍


Eerie, unique, addicting, and doesn't insult your intelligence.

Me and my audience had an incredible, intense time with this game. MUCH recommended!

You will find a lot of interesting stuff on the seabed, and scary stuff as well. It is still fun, though.

I thought this game will be just a relaxing underwater adventure. Game me Goosebumps, for sure.

I love this game! Just a solid premise and the sound design was so immersive I was pretending to give orders over radio, even though that wasn't necessary for game play.

People throw out comparisons to Corpse Ocean a lot, which I played first, but I honestly like Iron Lung better. The ship in Corpse Ocean is just a bit too pristine and maneuverable to be scary, whereas the Iron Lung feels like it's about to break apart any second. Having to physically press the buttons and pace about the deck with no clear idea of the outside world means your imagination is doing all the work.

Could I have permission to make a physical arcade version?

i shatted 3 pairs of pants

shitted my pants

Iron Lung

Was such a fun game! Such a simple concept but perfectly executed. The sound design is amazing so definite play with headphones. Would love to see more games in this universe as there’s so many questions raised!

Made me hate the ocean more lol!!

Played this on steam, but I must say this is an absolute perfection of a horror game. Its the most minimalistic horror of the unknow, but for being such simple concept, it works better then any other horror game that I know. I truly hope that we will get too see more in the universe of ‘Iron Lung’, and I will be waiting for any further updates

I'm sure I share the same sentiment with everyone else that this was a masterful work of minimalism and a true horror, not just a cosmic horror. The sound design alone does a majority of the work in giving you that clear indication of how the sub is being maneuvered despite only having 4 buttons to control it with.

I also didn't realize until watching a Youtube deep-dive about it that the photos being taken are in-game renders of actual objects, which makes so much more sense now. Because that means the proximity lights and beeping sounds must be related to where the camera is being moved throughout the 3D map.

I think the world could use more handicapped or blind control horror games like this; where sound is your only confirmation and guide to where you are.

Incredible game! Loved the atmosphere and the whole concept in general. Made me shit myself, so it did it's job well!

I'm not even sure what was causing me to start getting creeped out the more I played, but it worked. This is a really good game! I'll be looking forward to the next part for sure.

Tense and atmospheric horror game, unique mechanics, good pacing and scary existential situation. Well done.

WOW!! this was super cool and i love the ocean so that was cool... maybe not the blood ocean tho... maybe ill skip that. anyway this is a pro edited reaction compilation and is just above 5 minutes. all the traveling is in a time laps and I really enjoyed this game! please consider subscribing! LOVE YALL!!

Incredible game, such simple gameplay but absoulutely horrifiying atmosphere. Please make a sequel/DLC/something more in this world!


Absolutely incredible, worth even more than I paid for it, fantastic experience and atmosphere, writing was brilliant and the world building was nuts for such a short game, highly highly recommend!


This game is INCREDIBLE! Such a simple concept but SO well done. The sound design is perfect. If you want a slow-burn horror, this is the game for you! 


Worth every minute! I really enjoyed the lore and feeling of this game so much. The use of silence was so perfect as well. Keep up the great work!

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FANTASTICALLY unique gameplay I ramble on about at the end of the video! I loved the buildup the game had, as well as the fun with coordinates. I hope I can see more games from you!

I felt underwhelmed at the start, but the game had my heart pumping really fast towards the end. I even let go a few screams, which is all a part of the fun!

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missed the opportunity to tag it 6.66

because thats how it felt like in the last stretch of the game, like hell surrounded me. you cant regret a david szymanski game purchase, even experimental stuff is entertaining.

The game is really creepy, not simply because I kept getting lost, but because of the lack of knowledge of where I am and what is about. The submersible slowly breaks down around you, and the otherworld creaks.

What I love most is the complete mystery of what is even going on, this greater story of missing planets and moons with oceans of blood. It seems like lovecraftian horror, and is only made better by the otherworld noises, and mystery of what can exist within the blood.

Really great experience, would crash my Submersible again.

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The game was Great. My only problem was; I wish there was a sperate tutorial mode on the menu for newbies. Besides that this game was really built different, good job dude.

Of what I've seen of this game, it seems very interesting.

This is such a great concept, it nails just about every single thing required for a horror game to be scary. The sound design is masterful and the world is incredibly interesting. Unfortunately, the gameplay is it's weakest point but I don't think most people will mind that in a game like this. I definitely did feel that I was repeating myself a bit too much, eventually feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of events or things to do but I know that's just me so I can't knock it for that.

A great little game for sure, but maybe not for everyone!

You should upload The Moon Sliver, Fingerbones etc now that your on itch :) sounds and atmosphere were amazing, which is pretty cool considering you really don't see much

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I loved this! Such a great job at creating tension and horror with such a limited environment.

You're trapped in a submarine with the internal size of a large closet with nothing but coordinates, direction and a grainy slow camera to work and it's super engrossing.


I enjoyed David's game Dusk, so I thought I'd give this one a try. Pacing wise, he certainly did something different with Iron Lung! Slow and deliberate, but the build to the ending is great. Just don't make too many mistakes. Give it a shot!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough: